Published on November 9, 2023, 6:48 am

The Manila Electric Company (Meralco) has successfully enhanced its electricity services by developing a customized analytics platform. The new Meralco Data Platform (MDP) utilizes machine learning models to process the company’s data and implement predictive analytics. This technology enables Meralco to identify secondary lines for rehabilitation and overloaded distribution transformers more efficiently.

As a result, Meralco’s line offices can conduct targeted field verification and facility correction, which ultimately prevents outages for nearly 200,000 customers in 2021. By unlocking the value of information through insights, Meralco is able to provide exceptional service to its customers while streamlining internal operations and fostering innovation.

Rocky Bacani, Meralco’s first vice president and head of information, communication, technology, and transformation, emphasizes the role of data in business growth. Recognizing its power as an enabler, Bacani states that leveraging connected intelligence across Meralco allows for improved customer service, operational efficiency, and new opportunities for innovation.

To achieve their goals, Meralco required a robust data platform capable of handling large volumes of data generated across various channels. Additionally, it needed a solution that could integrate data from within the organization while eliminating data silos. Cloudera collaborated with Meralco to develop the MDP and integrate all elements of Meralco’s operations. This unified approach provides full visibility into relevant data—essential for understanding customer needs and behavior—to improve overall customer experience at every touchpoint.

M-Wing is one of the successful outcomes resulting from the implementation of the MDP. It is a single-source management dashboard accessible online via mobile devices that enables reporting of key performance indicators both internally within Meralco and externally to investors and the media.

Remus Lim, Vice President of Asia Pacific and Japan at Cloudera, expresses delight in supporting Meralco on their data journey. The scalable hybrid data management and analytics platform provided by Cloudera empowers Meralco to streamline data and maximize its value throughout the data lifecycle.

Through their collaboration with Cloudera, Meralco has significantly enhanced their electricity services. The MDP enables them to implement predictive analytics, prevent outages, improve customer experience, and increase operational efficiency. This highlights the significant impact that generative AI technologies can have on utility companies like Meralco. With their continued focus on innovation and leveraging the power of data, Meralco sets a benchmark for other organizations in the industry.


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