Published on May 10, 2024, 8:23 pm

Maryland Governor Wes Moore recently signed two significant technology bills, marking a significant step forward in the state’s technological advancement. The first bill, known as the Modernization of Information Technology Projects, is designed to streamline the authority of the state chief information officer to spearhead IT modernization initiatives effectively.

Central to this new law is the establishment of an IT investment fund, with a mandatory allocation towards projects related to public health, education, and safety on an annual basis. This strategic move aims to hasten the replacement of outdated technology systems within Maryland’s government framework. Additionally, the legislation mandates the development of a comprehensive statewide modernization plan, focusing on cataloging obsolete systems and prioritizing upgrades for various systems and applications.

Moreover, this law consolidates IT management across executive agencies under the Department of Information Technology, overseen by Chief Information Officer Katie Savage. The Alliance for Digital Innovation has expressed its support for this legislation, emphasizing how Maryland’s Information Technology Investment Fund presents a vital opportunity to enhance the state’s IT infrastructure and cybersecurity resilience.

Furthermore, Governor Moore also endorsed the Critical Infrastructure Streamlining Act on Thursday. This act aims to facilitate Maryland’s technological infrastructure growth by simplifying regulatory procedures for industries reliant on backup power generators during power outages. The initiative was pivotal following a data center project withdrawal subsequent to its unsuccessful bid to install 168 backup generators due to regulatory hurdles.

Governor Moore underscored his data-driven and community-centric approach in supporting these legislative initiatives. His emphasis on fostering competitiveness while ensuring inclusivity reflects Maryland’s commitment to progress through collaborative efforts that uplift all residents equally.


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