Published on June 25, 2024, 5:09 am

The Community of Madrid and the Association for the Promotion of Data and Artificial Intelligence in the industry, IndesIA, have signed a collaboration agreement to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for industrial companies in the region. Through the Regional Government’s Digitalization Department, this tool will support companies in adopting AI technology, driving their digital transformation, competitiveness, and growth.

This project is part of the Retech program (Technological Specialization Networks), funded by European funds totaling 7.6 million euros, aimed at providing advanced tools to Madrid companies for their digital transformation. The platform will enable companies to develop, use, and share data and use cases, facilitating their access to this technology.

Valero Marín, President of IndesIA, highlighted the importance of public-private sector collaboration in developing and implementing AI solutions. He emphasized that such partnerships are essential for fostering synergies and maximizing technology impact to encourage companies of all sizes to utilize AI effectively.

The project is set to span two years with evolving phases where users can access different solutions based on their needs and AI proficiency levels. It offers companies a secure environment to develop their projects while promoting knowledge transfer, making it a unique national-level initiative. Additionally, the platform will feature an analytics model generation space derived from various use cases and acceleration methodologies.

IndesIA and the Community of Madrid aim not only to provide accessible tools but also offer accelerators in the form of itineraries to enhance data and AI accessibility. IndesIA will share its acceleration methodology encompassing self-assessment questionnaires and a use case catalog to further support businesses.

The primary goal of this platform available to entrepreneurs in Madrid is to help them recognize the value of AI in streamlining internal processes within different business areas through practical usage tailored to individual needs.

By establishing strategic alliances and fostering collaborative environments for solution co-creation alongside knowledge exchange, this initiative strives towards enhancing technological innovation within the business landscape.


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