Published on March 28, 2024, 6:29 am

Latentview Analytics Acquires Decision Point: A Strategic Move In Digital Analytics Industry

LatentView Analytics, a prominent digital analytics consulting firm, has recently completed the acquisition of Decision Point, a leading provider of AI-led Business Transformation and Revenue Growth Management solutions. This strategic move, which involved the purchase of 70% of Decision Point’s equity capital for $39.1 million, with plans to acquire the remaining 30% over the next two years, marks a significant development in the industry.

With its establishment in 2012 and a global workforce exceeding 300 employees, Decision Point specializes in various areas such as Demand Forecasting, Pricing Analytics, Promotion Analytics, Retail Segmentation, and Marketing Mix Models. Particularly focusing on Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands, Decision Point has earned recognition from industry giants like Microsoft and the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI).

A notable achievement by Decision Point is the creation of Beagle GPT, a conversational GenAI application utilized by Fortune 500 CPG customers to enhance data analytics practices within their organizations.

The acquisition of Decision Point presents LatentView Analytics with an opportunity to bolster its capabilities in data engineering, data science, and data visualization while expanding its presence in key markets like North America and Europe. The CEO of LatentView Analytics, Rajan Sethuraman, highlighted the appeal of Decision Point’s Revenue Growth Management solutions in driving sustainable growth through data utilization.

Notably, this acquisition will bring over 300 highly skilled employees into LatentView’s CPG practice while facilitating expansion into the Latin American market. The CFO of LatentView Analytics anticipates that this transaction will be EBITDA accretive and deliver long-term benefits for clients.

Ravi Shankar, Founder & CEO of Decision Point shares his excitement about the integration process and reassures that the existing management team will continue to lead Decision Point with support from LatentView’s go-to-market presence in North America and Europe. He also emphasizes potential synergies between both organizations.

Through this acquisition deal and with a focus on GenAI applications for sustainable growth strategies globally emphasized by Krishnan Venkata – LatentView’s Chief Client Officer – LatentView is well-positioned to enhance its technology offerings significantly.

Furthermore, LASER—LatentView’s generative AI solution—is predicted to play a crucial role based on insights shared by Rajan Sethuraman during an exclusive interview with AIM. As they secure new clients leveraging generative AI solutions offered by LatentView during this period vis-à-vis larger IT companies thanks to their focused stance towards AI technology understanding.

In conclusion what remains pivotal is how quickly companies can adapt well-fitting technologies towards solving pertinent business problems invariably showcasing competitive nimbleness compared to larger corporations within their scope ensuring seamless alignment between cutting-edge tech solutions and practical business needs.


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