Published on May 29, 2024, 8:42 am

Kinetix And Overdare Partnership: Revolutionizing User-Generated Emotes In Gaming With Generative Ai

Kinetix, a cutting-edge generative AI startup specializing in user-generated emotes (UGE) for video games, has partnered with Overdare to empower gamers through the use of generative AI technology. Overdare, a user-generated content (UGC) platform by Krafton, is now integrating Kinetix’s innovative technology to allow players to transform videos into dynamic 3D animations within games, known as ’emotes.’ This collaboration aims to provide gamers with a unique and interactive gaming experience by enabling them to incorporate popular trends and personalized moments into gameplay.

By incorporating Kinetix’s AI technology, players have the ability to create custom emotes that reflect their individuality and interests. This initiative not only enhances user engagement but also revolutionizes how gamers express themselves within the gaming community. The utilization of generative AI marks a significant shift towards empowering gamers as creators rather than mere participants, fostering a culture of creativity and innovation within gaming platforms.

Yassine Tahi, CEO of Kinetix, expressed enthusiasm about this groundbreaking feature, highlighting its transformative impact on gaming. The ability for players to generate and customize emotes in real-time brings a new level of personalization and social interaction to the gaming landscape. This advancement signifies a move towards greater player autonomy in content creation within games.

Emotes have become a prominent element in modern gaming culture, shaping player experiences and interactions. With Kinetix’s expertise in AI emote technology honed over several years, users can now generate their own emotes seamlessly across different avatars and gaming environments. Hyungchul Park, CEO of Overdare, emphasized the significance of video-to-emote technology in enriching player involvement and connectivity within the OVERDARE platform.

Moreover, Overdare’s upcoming global release is highly anticipated after successful alpha testing in Southeast Asian markets. Founded by Yassine Tahi and Henri Mirande in 2020, Kinetix is at the forefront of driving self-expression in video games through AI-powered user-generated emotes. The company’s success is evident from its substantial seed funding and talented team comprising deep learning engineers and game development experts.

In conclusion, the partnership between Kinetix and Overdare represents a pivotal moment in the realm of generative AI applied to gaming. By granting players newfound creative abilities through AI-driven technologies, this collaboration paves the way for an era where gamers emerge as trailblazers in content creation within virtual worlds.


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