Published on June 14, 2024, 8:14 am

The partnership between Cognizant and Google Cloud, established in August, is beginning to bear fruit. Cognizant has introduced the first set of large-scale Language Model solutions for the healthcare sector, leveraging Google Cloud’s generative AI technology, including Vertex AI platform and Gemini models. The primary goal is to revamp healthcare administrative processes and enhance user experience.

In an environment marked by the increasing complexity and demands of healthcare systems, integrating generative AI-based solutions signifies a significant advancement, providing efficiency and responsiveness to the intricate network of healthcare processes. By harnessing the power of highly optimized models, these solutions aim to streamline administrative processes, speeding up operations while notably enhancing the quality of care and services delivered to patients.

“As we continue to strengthen our partnership with Google Cloud, we are dedicated to keeping healthcare clients at the forefront of AI-driven transformation,” stated Surya Gummadi, EVP and President at Cognizant Americas. “By deploying innovative solutions tailored to address industry-specific challenges, our aim is to assist healthcare organizations in setting new standards for care delivery and improving experiences for those they serve.”

The suite of LLM solutions for healthcare targets four high-cost workflows: marketing operations, customer service center operations (including appeals and claims), provider management, and recruitment.

“The healthcare sector has the opportunity to leverage AI in delivering more efficient and effective experiences to all stakeholders,” mentioned Amy Waldron, Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry at Google Cloud. “These new solutions utilizing Google Cloud’s AI platform and Gemini models can help reduce administrative burden and streamline manual tasks in areas such as recruitment, operations, claims processing, among others. Solutions like these not only enhance operational efficiency but can also have a significant impact on satisfaction levels and access to healthcare.”

In conclusion, the collaboration between Cognizant and Google Cloud signifies a step forward in leveraging generative AI technologies to drive innovation within the healthcare industry.


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