Published on April 8, 2024, 7:19 am

IBM, the U.S. technology giant, has joined forces with German AI startup Aleph Alpha to advance the utilization of generative AI across various sectors in Europe. This collaboration aims to facilitate the integration of generative AI within both public and private organizations in Germany and throughout Europe.

Aleph Alpha, headquartered in Heidelberg, specializes in providing AI solutions tailored for businesses and governmental bodies. The startup’s innovative “Explain” feature enhances the comprehensibility of its proprietary language model Luminous and other open-source models. On the other hand, IBM brings its expertise through its AI and data platform “watsonx,” enabling companies to create AI applications using curated data and models. Additionally, IBM Consulting leverages its extensive experience in AI to complement these technological solutions.

By leveraging this partnership between IBM and Aleph Alpha, businesses and government agencies in Europe stand to benefit from streamlined access to generative AI technologies, thereby fostering innovation and efficiency across diverse sectors.


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