Published on July 2, 2024, 12:28 am

Hightouch, a prominent Composable Customer Data Platform (CDP), has introduced the European Unified ID (EUID) to assist advertisers in reaching audiences while prioritizing privacy across the open web. The EUID, developed by The Trade Desk, transforms email addresses into pseudonymous identifiers using advanced hashing and salting techniques. This innovation enables advertisers to identify users for targeting, manage frequency, and measure campaign effectiveness while ensuring transparency and data control for individuals.

The open-source EUID operates seamlessly on web browsers as well as other digital platforms like connected TV, digital audio, and mobile apps, offering an effective alternative to third-party cookies. Hightouch’s integration streamlines the process by syncing audience segments directly from various sources like brands, publishers, or media networks cloud data warehouses to The Trade Desk platform. By leveraging EUID within The Trade Desk ecosystem, advertisers can enhance targeting precision, frequency management efficiency, and campaign measurements.

The advantages of Hightouch’s integration with The Trade Desk include universal opt-outs to safeguard user privacy preferences through governance filters, regional data processing compliance to prevent cross-border data transfers, and expanded addressability to engage larger audiences in Europe while respecting their privacy rights.

Stu Colman, Senior European Director of Identity at The Trade Desk, emphasizes the significance of adopting industry-wide identity solutions like EUID amidst evolving media consumption habits and imminent changes in cookie policies. This comprehensive approach to identity management enables advertisers to optimize their digital advertising strategies across various channels such as the web, mobile apps, connected TV, and digital audio.

About Hightouch:
Hightouch stands out as a leading Composable CDP empowering companies to leverage their data warehouses effectively for personalized marketing initiatives and operational enhancements. Trusted by major organizations including PetSmart and Spotify among others, Hightouch enables businesses to deliver tailored customer experiences and drive performance marketing through data-driven insights. Learn more about Hightouch at

About The Trade Desk:
The Trade Desk is a technology company that empowers advertising buyers with its self-service platform for managing digital ad campaigns across diverse formats and devices. With integrations across key data partners and publishers globally, The Trade Desk ensures extensive reach and sophisticated decision-making capabilities. Based in Ventura, CA with a global presence in North America ,Europe,and Asia Pacific . To explore further about what they offer visit Uebsite here .

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