Published on April 9, 2024, 10:43 am

Google is set to enhance its Google Workspace suite with new generative AI tools, catered to professionals who rely on Docs, Sheets, and Slides for daily collaboration. The tech giant revealed these updates at the recent Google Cloud Next event.

A significant addition to Google Workspace is Google Vids, an innovative application empowered by generative AI designed to assist users in creating videos seamlessly. This AI-powered tool acts as a video production and editing assistant, capable of generating video storyboards, assembling drafts with curated stock video clips, and selecting suitable voiceovers.

Aparna Pappu, VP/GM of Google Workspace, described Google Vids as a groundbreaking app that empowers individuals to excel in storytelling within their professional environments. Similar to collaborating on documents in Google Docs, users can now team up on videos through Google Vids’ user-friendly interface while facilitating easy sharing of work progress.

Furthermore, Google introduced two additional AI add-ons: AI Meetings and Messaging along with AI Security. The former offers features like real-time note-taking during meetings (currently in preview), automatic caption translation in Meet (launching in June), and message translation capabilities within Google Chat later this year.

The AI Security add-on employs generative AI to automatically classify and safeguard sensitive files stored in Google Drive—a valuable asset for IT teams tasked with data protection responsibilities. Both add-ons are now accessible at $10 per user per month each.

Looking ahead, Google teased forthcoming features including voice prompting for enhanced user experience within Workspace applications like “Help me write” feature using voice input and efficient note-to-email conversion functionality displayed in Gmail.

Moreover, upcoming updates include enhanced table features in Sheets for seamless data organization through pre-designed templates and document tabs functionality within Docs for better content organization. Additionally, enhancements like personalization options with full-bleed cover images are set to arrive soon.

Lastly, a notable upgrade involves expanding member capacity for spaces in Google Chat up to 500,000 and enabling messaging interoperability with popular platforms such as Slack and Teams—enabling smoother cross-platform communication experiences—an indication of evolving workplace collaborations enabled by technology advancements like generative AI.

For those eager to explore these cutting-edge features via Gemini within Google Workspace should possess a business Workspace account. You can kickstart your journey by signing up for a 14-day Gemini trial period allowing firsthand experience with the new functionalities which could eventually trickle down to the general public audience post-enterprise feedback reception—an exciting transition towards accessible innovative technology solutions fueled by Artificial Intelligence across diverse workplace landscapes.


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