Published on March 25, 2024, 8:26 pm

Noisy recordings of interviews and speeches create challenges for audio engineers. However, a German startup is aiming to revolutionize this field using generative AI technology to improve voice clarity in videos. AI-coustics recently emerged from stealth mode with €1.9 million in funding, led by co-founder and CEO Fabian Seipel.

Seipel, along with co-founder Corvin Jaedicke, established AI-coustics in 2021 with the vision of enhancing digital interactions across various devices and platforms. Their mission is to elevate the quality of every digital interaction, whether it’s a conference call, social media video, or consumer device communication.

The market for AI-powered noise-suppressing and voice-enhancing software is thriving. While there are existing competitors like Insoundz and, AI-coustics prides itself on its unique approach to developing AI mechanisms that focus on noise reduction efficiently.

One distinctive aspect of AI-coustics is its method of training models on speech samples recorded in its Berlin studio. By incorporating diverse speech contributors, the startup aims to eliminate biases that can sometimes arise in speech recognition algorithms.

In a test scenario where various video clips were processed through AI-coustics’ platform, significant improvements in clarity were observed post-processing. This technology has the potential to be integrated into devices like smartphones and headphones to automatically enhance voice clarity.

AI-coustics currently caters to enterprise customers with plans for expansion in staffing and refining their speech-enhancing model. The company operates through subscriptions, licensing, and on-demand pricing models while focusing on technological advancement and market flexibility.

Regarding concerns about job displacement due to technologies like AI-coustics automating audio tasks traditionally done by humans, Seipel emphasized the efficiency gains such tools offer without compromising quality. The application of this technology spans across various industries where speech recording or processing is involved.

Connect Ventures, Inovia Capital, FOV Ventures, and Ableton CFO Jan Bohl have provided equity and debt financing towards AI-coustics’ innovative journey towards revolutionizing audio engineering with generative AI technology.


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