Published on May 23, 2024, 6:12 am

Early in his career, Andrew Brock received valuable advice from a mentor regarding the path to reaching the C-suite. The mentor emphasized the importance of gaining experience across various aspects of a business’s profit and loss statement, including marketing, operations, and information technology. This guidance sparked a curiosity in Brock that shaped his career trajectory.

With a background in finance roles at major companies like Kraft and PepsiCo, Brock accumulated diverse experiences that eventually led him to Associa, the world’s largest residential property management company serving 7.5 million homeowners globally. At Associa, he played a pivotal role in launching the company’s first client shared-service center. This success propelled him to the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO), overseeing corporate IT and an underutilized software development group acquired through a previous merger.

Driven by curiosity, Brock explored the possibility of leveraging the development group to create proprietary products instead of relying on external vendors for digital services. This shift resulted in the successful launch of Associa’s first digital product enabling residents to make HOA fee payments online. These innovative solutions not only reduced costs but also demonstrated commercial potential beyond serving internal needs.

Recognizing an opportunity in a fragmented market where there were fewer barriers to entry for new solutions, Brock and his team expanded their product offerings with notable success. By establishing a client base and mobilizing a sales team, they diversified Associa’s revenue streams and positioned the company for scalable growth through digital services amidst evolving trends in property technology.

As their initiatives matured into profitable operations enhancing EBITDA, Associa formalized these endeavors into a dedicated business unit. To address potential conflicts arising from serving competitors as clients, they established HOAM Ventures as a separate entity. Brock was appointed as its President and CEO alongside his existing role as Associa’s CIO.

For aspiring CIOs aiming for broader leadership roles within organizations, Brock offers insights based on his journey. He emphasizes the significance of maintaining operational stability within IT functions while pursuing strategic expansions. Hiring competent leaders to manage day-to-day operations enables CIOs to focus on exploring new opportunities and driving business growth.

Brock underscores the value of acquiring cross-functional experiences through involvement in transformative projects like acquisitions or steering committees focusing on organizational evolution. Demonstrating proactive self-advocacy is essential for professionals seeking advancement beyond traditional CIO responsibilities.

By leveraging their unique perspective encompassing holistic organizational insights coupled with driving digital transformation efforts, CIOs can identify untapped opportunities for innovation and growth within their companies.

In conclusion, Andrew Brock’s journey exemplifies how curiosity, strategic decision-making, and proactive career navigation can propel CIOs towards expanded leadership roles within organizations by bridging technology expertise with broader business acumen.


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