Published on March 25, 2024, 8:27 pm

Voting is now open for the 2024 StateScoop 50 Awards. Tyson Morris, the former chief information officer of Chattanooga, Tennessee, recently announced his departure from the city after serving as the top tech official since 2022.

In a LinkedIn post, Morris expressed that stepping down was a decision not taken lightly, following contemplation of his personal and professional aspirations. He acknowledged the fulfilling experience during his tenure, attributing it to the dedication and passion brought by Mayor Tim Kelly’s administration each day.

During Morris’ leadership, Chattanooga was recognized for its digital transformation efforts using cloud technology, receiving the State and Local Champion Award in 2023 from Amazon Web Services. The city also participated in the Bloomberg City Data Alliance in 2022, enhancing data utilization and city operations through training and coaching.

Mayor Kelly commended Tyson for his dedicated service to the people of Chattanooga and highlighted their collaborative efforts in improving technology access, infrastructure enhancement through data utilization, cybersecurity upgrades, and overall technological advancement to propel the community forward.

Following Morris’ departure, Jerele Neeld has been appointed as the interim CIO by Mayor Kelly. Despite the change in leadership, Morris expressed confidence in Chattanooga’s ongoing progress and innovation. He emphasized the city’s strong foundation and forward-thinking vision towards becoming a more modern and dynamic community.

Looking ahead, Morris expressed optimism about the continued transformation under the Department of Technology Services direction and its commitment to serving the city residents diligently.


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