Published on May 18, 2024, 6:45 am

The leading Gen AI enterprise search platform has recently expanded to cater to over 800,000 users, providing access to factually accurate real-time market intelligence and regulatory information. FinTech Studios Inc. introduced Apollo PRO and RegLens PRO, groundbreaking generative AI apps that feature a “conversational chat” interface and contextually relevant “suggested prompts,” seamlessly integrating with millions of authoritative web and enterprise content sources.

These platforms capitalize on cutting-edge Large Language Models (LLMs), including OpenAI’s GPT-4o, to offer real-time, attributed generative insights, workflows, market intelligence, and regulatory updates tailored for corporations and financial institutions. Later this year, Apollo PRO and RegLens PRO will also incorporate leading LLMs from Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Meta, Microsoft, among others.

By leveraging these latest Gen AI capabilities developed by FinTech Studios, business and financial professionals can expedite their research processes significantly. The apps provide prompt and accurate answers with citation links for auditability purposes so that users can easily verify the original sources for context and validation.

Apollo PRO and RegLens PRO tackle issues related to timeliness and inaccuracies inherent in LLMs by processing up-to-the-minute content with source citations and fact attributions. They integrate advanced technologies like Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) alongside FinTech Studios’ structured metadata to ensure precise insights that include hyperlinks to the referenced articles/documents.

Jim Tousignant, CEO & Founder of FinTech Studios, highlighted the impact of these new capabilities on enterprise users who can now access vast amounts of external web content across various languages rapidly. The focus remains on delivering real-time insights consolidated from diverse sources while maintaining data accuracy through intelligent search mechanisms and Generative AI technology.

Offering a personalized search experience powered by artificial intelligence advancements ensures that Apollo PRO and RegLens PRO stand out in providing concise answers while summarizing information from multiple sources. Instead of mere link lists typical of traditional search engines, these platforms generate comprehensive responses backed by citation links to enable users to fact-check or delve deeper into the sources for added clarity.

As organizations increasingly adopt generative AI solutions for enhanced productivity in their workplaces, FinTech Studios’ latest offerings promise advanced search functionalities securely integrated with customers’ proprietary knowledge bases. This blend offers clients unparalleled access to real-time information updated continuously through globally-sourced databases managed by FinTech Studios in multiple languages.

Ultimately, Apollo PRO and RegLens PRO set a high standard for providing accurate insights promptly while giving users a competitive edge in making informed decisions based on reliable data sourced from millions of external web outlets—a clear testament to the power of Generative AI transforming modern workplaces towards heightened efficiency.


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