Published on March 12, 2024, 3:30 pm

With the launch of TII’s Falcon AI models, the Foundation aims to bring together various stakeholders, including developers, academia, industry experts, and individuals, to promote cooperative decision-making and accelerate the democratization of AI. The Foundation’s primary goal is to customize Falcon models for specific industries and provide open computing resources for ongoing research and development in AI. This initiative will create a versatile ecosystem that ensures the adaptability of these models across a wide range of applications and scenarios.

H.E. Faisal Al Bannai highlighted the importance of initiatives like the Falcon Foundation in guiding AI development towards increased transparency and accessibility amidst rapid advancements in this field. The Foundation targets beneficiaries involved in open-source responsible AI practices to reduce reliance on external vendors and allow for independent technological decisions. Moreover, it will incorporate global best practices into its regulatory framework for artificial intelligence.

Dr. Ray O. Johnson emphasized the commitment to promoting transparency and collaboration in AI through setting new standards for openness, extending UAE’s collaborative spirit into AI development while encouraging global entities supporting open source to join the cause. The Falcon Foundation’s dedication to open-sourcing and innovation in AI signifies a forward-thinking approach that propels Abu Dhabi and the UAE into a technology-driven future while fostering cross-industry collaborations for groundbreaking advancements in AI.

This strategic move not only benefits local advancements but also supports the global community through sharing pioneering developments across various industries. Andrea Benito’s editorship at CIO Middle East demonstrates expert insight within this realm as well as an understanding of emerging technologies taking center stage in today’s digital landscape.

In conclusion, the Falcon Foundation’s vision encapsulates a pivotal shift towards collaborative innovation in Artificial Intelligence – a journey propelled by inclusivity, transparency, and shared growth opportunities that transcend geographical boundaries.


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