Published on June 20, 2024, 5:05 pm

Expedient has a longstanding partnership with VMware dating back to 2006, when it first ventured into virtualizing workloads in its initial data center. Fast forward to today, Expedient remains devoted to assisting enterprises in thriving within the realm of hybrid cloud, as highlighted by President and COO Jonathan Rosenson.

“We were early adopters of hybrid cloud almost two decades ago because we recognized that each client’s transformation journey is unique,” explains Rosenson. “Our dedication to hybrid cloud strategies aligns with our mission of helping businesses pair workloads with suitable cloud environments.”

Beyond being a managed service provider (MSP), Expedient is viewed as a curator of cutting-edge technologies and a hub for skilled solutions professionals focused on driving business evolution. The company operates 15 high-performance data centers across the U.S., offering services that prioritize agility, availability, cost-effectiveness, and risk management.

With a client base spanning various sectors such as banking, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and retail – where system disruptions can have significant repercussions – Expedient’s focus lies in delivering enterprise platforms and multi-cloud services to streamline business operations for its clients.

Rosenson emphasizes Expedient’s role in enabling clients to move away from cumbersome data center management tasks and instead concentrate on their core objectives. Leveraging VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) at the heart of its solutions, Expedient caters to next-gen workloads effectively.

As VMware merges with Broadcom to establish an infrastructure powerhouse, enterprises are presented with enhanced opportunities to leverage Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions seamlessly. VCF plays a pivotal role in simplifying IT infrastructures by offering comprehensive cloud management capabilities across various deployment models.

The collaboration between Broadcom and VMware paves the way for innovative AI solutions like Generative AI hosted within secure environments provided by Expedient. This tailored approach ensures clients can harness AI capabilities while maintaining data security.

Looking ahead, Rosenson envisions hybrid cloud strategies evolving towards optimizing existing technologies based on workload requirements. He underlines the importance of enterprises partnering with service providers well-versed in VMware by Broadcom technologies to unlock their full potential effectively.

By emphasizing the significance of tailored cloud solutions aligned with workload types and backed by robust support systems from providers like Expedient, Rosenson foresees enterprises transitioning towards more optimized and secure cloud environments in the future.

Overall, through continuous innovation and strategic partnerships rooted in expertise and customer-centric approaches, companies like Expedient contribute significantly to shaping the future landscape of hybrid cloud technology integration alongside industry leaders like VMware by Broadcom.


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