Published on March 12, 2024, 3:30 pm

Ange Nash, Chief Information Officer at AA Insurance and a distinguished member of the CIO50 New Zealand alumni, shares insights on her tech career journey and advocates for more young women to join the industry. Coming from a tech-influenced background in rural New Zealand, technology was ingrained in Ange’s upbringing, sparking her interest in coding from a young age.

Reflecting on her university experience where she stood out as one of few females in a predominantly male class, Ange emphasizes the importance of fostering an inclusive pathway for women in tech. Overcoming challenges and stereotypes, she underscores the significance of mindset and self-assurance in navigating a male-dominated field without compromising authenticity.

Having held significant roles like Chief Information & Technology Officer at New Zealand Rugby, Ange stresses the need to debunk imposter syndrome among women and encourages reframing self-worth narratives. Addressing systemic barriers faced by women entering and evolving within the tech industry, she advocates for mentorship programs, inclusive organizational policies, flexible working arrangements, and continuous learning opportunities.

Highlighting the transformative role of data and digital technology in shaping businesses globally, Ange underscores the impact that tech professionals, especially women leaders, can have in delivering positive change. She champions seizing opportunities fearlessly, embracing self-belief as a superpower, and actively participating to claim space in tech environments.

As an award-winning CIO recognized for her contributions to the industry’s advancement, Ange’s journey exemplifies resilience, empowerment, and advocacy for diversity. Her message resonates with aspiring female technologists: be bold, embrace opportunities unapologetically, and believe in your inherent value within the evolving landscape of technology.


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