Published on March 26, 2024, 8:38 pm

Title: Empowering Visual Creativity: Adobe’S New Structure Reference Feature In Firefly

Adobe has introduced a new feature in its Adobe Firefly portal that empowers users with enhanced control over the appearance of images and art generated using Generative AI. Known as Structure Reference, this new feature allows users to manipulate an aspect of their output that was previously beyond their reach.

The process within Firefly involves users inputting a text prompt describing the desired image or artwork. For instance, a prompt like “Portrait of a dark-skinned woman with shoulder-length dreadlocks on a beach at sunset” would be provided, followed by selecting either Photo or Art for the final result. Subsequently, multiple images matching the description are swiftly generated by the program.

Before delving into the latest addition, it’s important to understand the existing Style Reference feature. To guide the program towards achieving the desired final image, users have the option to upload a reference image. This reference is then used by Firefly to create new images aligned with the initial prompt inputted. Notably, this creates consistency in terms of skin texture and color palette in the resulting images.

The newly introduced Structure Reference operates similarly to the Style Reference feature. Through a conversation with Alexandru Costin, Vice President of Generative AI at Adobe, it becomes clear that users can now upload a reference image to influence the design and structure of a photograph or artwork created by the program. Additionally, Alexandru emphasizes Adobe’s responsible training practices aimed at minimizing biases and potential harm while ensuring transparency in content generation.

In a demonstration shared with me, Alexandru showcased how Structure Reference can be utilized alongside Style Reference to maintain consistency in artwork or marketing images. By uploading specified reference images and prompts, users can ensure that newly generated content aligns seamlessly with established brand styles without requiring extensive reviews or regeneration processes.

Structure Reference offers users the flexibility to tweak AI-generated creations by influencing their structural elements or transforming simple sketches into intricate designs through adjustments like depth, texture, lighting, and color enhancements. The user-friendly interface encourages experimentation allowing individuals to explore different possibilities when creating art or photographs using text prompts—a technology barely a year old but already showcasing impressive results.

Looking ahead, this advancement not only holds promise for major corporations but also opens up creative avenues for amateurs and professionals alike within various industries interested in leveraging Generative AI technologies for innovative visual content creation initiatives in powerful new ways utilizing platforms such as Firefly Services APIs for tailored solutions.


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