Published on March 29, 2024, 3:26 pm

Stay informed with the latest insights directly from your inbox through CIO Dive’s free newsletter. A recent study by GoDaddy revealed that approximately 9 out of 10 small business owners do not fret about the potential downsides of utilizing technology in their operations. While concerns such as copyrights and fears of intellectual property leakage may impede larger companies from fully embracing technological advancements, small business owners demonstrate a more favorable attitude.

Laka Sriram, VP of Product for U.S. Independents at GoDaddy, highlighted the growing acceptance of generative AI among entrepreneurs due to its efficiency in saving time, money, and resources. Small businesses perceive generative AI as an asset that complements their daily tasks rather than a substitution for human effort. These businesses leverage technological upgrades to streamline operations, enhance customer service, and retain employees effectively.

The upward trajectory in technology budgets among small businesses indicates a shift towards integrating tools like generative AI into their operations. Entrepreneurs appreciate how generative AI aids in generating content drafts swiftly, offering them the flexibility to modify and refine the output to align with brand standards seamlessly.

Moreover, CIOs are advised not to underestimate the potential of technology but rather strategize on how best to proceed – whether through adjustments to existing plans or discontinuation of certain projects. By adopting features that leverage generative AI, companies have reported saving approximately 97 minutes per week on average.

In conclusion, as small businesses continue to embrace innovative technologies like generative AI to optimize their workflows and productivity levels, staying attuned to industry news and developments becomes crucial for industry professionals seeking growth opportunities within this evolving landscape. Subscribe now to CIO Dive’s daily newsletter for comprehensive coverage of top industry trends and expert analyses straight from industry insiders.


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