Published on May 13, 2024, 12:32 pm

Title: “Embrace Creativity And Community At 5969: Makati’S Multifaceted Hub On Fermina Street”

Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Poblacion, Makati, lies a unique hub known as 5969. This multifaceted building on Fermina Street offers a plethora of experiences under one roof. From tattoo artistry and tarot readings to music workshops and speakeasy vibes, 5969 is a haven for the creatively inclined.

If you fancy getting inked, exploring mystical realms with tarot cards, enjoying a drink, or immersing yourself in art, 5969 offers all this and more within its cozy confines. The first floor houses 11:11 Tattoos and Curiosities, where colorful artworks adorn the walls, enticing visitors to delve into a world of creativity. The shelves lined with trinkets add to the charm of this eclectic space.

Mark “Mendy” Mendoza, the visionary behind 5969, saw an opportunity to create a place that resonates with his artistic vision. The idea took root when he stumbled upon the well-priced building on Fermina Street and decided to bring his dream creative hub to life without delay.

Venturing upstairs leads you to Modular Studios, a versatile space accommodating various artistic endeavors from podcasts to photo shoots. This modular room serves as a blank canvas for creative expression and music education. DJ workshops and instrument lessons are among the offerings tailored to nurture musical talents.

On the other side of Modular Studios lies Dim Dim, a casual speakeasy exuding a sophisticated yet relaxed ambiance. Here, guests can indulge in delectable dumplings paired with signature cocktails like Chunli Spritz while reveling in live music performances and engaging activities.

Ascending further reveals The Kin House, a boutique hotel boasting uniquely designed rooms adorned with murals by emerging Filipino artists. Each room doubles as a private viewing space equipped with projectors for screenings of acclaimed short films—a tranquil retreat after experiencing the vibrant Poblacion nightlife.

As Mr. Mendoza enthusiastically expressed during 5969’s official launch, the goal is simple—bring people together to unwind and have a good time in this dynamic setting pulsating with creativity and energy.

Whether you’re seeking artistic inspiration or simply looking for a place to unwind amidst Makati’s bustling scene, 5969 on Fermina Street beckons you to step inside and embrace its diverse offerings.


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