Published on February 20, 2024, 2:08 pm

Title: “Discover Savings And Quality With The Gevi Espresso Machine”

Our team of savvy deal-hunters scours the web daily to bring you the latest discounts and price reductions from trusted retailers. By using the links we provide, CNET may earn a commission. The Gevi espresso machine is currently at its most affordable price ever, selling for $110 (a savings of $90).

Formerly a fan of $7 lattes from cafes, I was hesitant about homemade espresso until I discovered the incredible quality of the Gevi machine. Simple to operate after some practice, it allows you to concoct your favorite beverages effortlessly. For latte lovers, experimenting with homemade syrups like caramel or vanilla can elevate your drink. My personal touch is adding caramel before pouring the espresso to achieve a delightful blend, followed by steamed milk through the middle.

By owning this Gevi machine, I’ve transitioned from spending $35 weekly on specialty coffees to purchasing a bag of espresso beans every few weeks for just $20. To preserve your coffee’s freshness, investing in an airtight canister is crucial. Consider acquiring suitable espresso cups if you don’t already have them.

After four months with the Gevi espresso machine, I continue to be impressed by its performance and reliability.


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