Published on April 3, 2024, 11:26 am

Foundry events stand out for their unique approach fueled by the insightful editorial coverage from publications like CIO, CSO, and InfoWorld. The event team not only immerses themselves in these publications but also collaborates closely with journalists to shape event content and even has them join as session moderators.

At the upcoming Data, Analytics & AI Summit set to go live on April 11, attendees can look forward to insights from distinguished figures such as Paula Rooney, Lucas Merian, Issac Sacolick, and Keith Shaw from CIO. A little pre-event reading is recommended to enrich your experience. While it’s not mandatory, diving into these materials will certainly enhance your understanding.

CIO sheds light on crucial topics such as managing cloud costs amidst the rise of generative AI. This summit will feature discussions led by experts including Anne Johnston from Capital One, Vipul Nagrath from ADP, and Craig Williams from Ciena tackling this evolving landscape.

Additionally, there’s a focus on how CIOs are navigating generative AI within enterprises, exploring its potential for growth while highlighting areas of concern like technical debt and ethical considerations. This discussion will feature tech leaders like Chris Herringshaw from Janus Henderson Global and Jay Upchurch from SAS.

Today in Tech muses on the concept of an AI singularity, pondering when artificial general intelligence could become a reality and its implications. Join host Keith Shaw along with Jyotika Singh and Jason Mars at the event for an engaging dialogue reflecting on how far we’ve come since the initial podcast.

For those hungry for more insights on data, analytics, and AI integration in business operations, a Resource Center loaded with curated content awaits you on our event platform once it launches.

Secure your spot now and ensure you don’t miss out on this enriching experience!


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