Published on March 14, 2024, 11:21 am

Title: “Creatorsagi: Empowering Content Creators With Custom Conversational Ai Agents”

Joseph Sirosh, a seasoned tech executive formerly at Microsoft and Amazon, has recently unveiled a new startup venture called CreatorsAGI. The company, still in stealth mode after being established in January, focuses on empowering creators to develop their own conversational AI agents. CreatorsAGI aims to provide authors, YouTubers, media producers, and similar content creators with the tools to construct AI assistants that mirror their individual style or content, offering them a novel revenue stream.

By leveraging CreatorsAGI’s platform, non-fiction writers could create assistants based on their books to provide round-the-clock coaching for other writers in any language. On the other hand, fiction writers could craft agents that engage users in ways reminiscent of their literary works and encourage collaborative story extensions. Joseph Sirosh highlighted that CreatorsAGI operates as a two-sided marketplace where creators can shape the AI’s conversational output to maintain authenticity and credibility.

While precise details regarding funding and team size remain undisclosed by Sirosh post his departure from Amazon last November, his focus on delivering “authentic generative interactions” sets CreatorsAGI apart from conventional consumer AI chatbot offerings. The use of verified user data for training its chatbots not only distinguishes CreatorsAGI but also addresses privacy concerns surrounding generative AI technologies.

CreatorsAGI joins the ranks of emerging startups enabling businesses and individuals to build customized AI agents across various applications by capitalizing on cutting-edge generative AI advancements. Notably, 2023 witnessed a five-fold surge in funding for generative AI startups with over 36 companies now valued at $1 billion or more per CB Insights. Alongside established players like OpenAI with GPTs and Character.AI developing versatile chatbots, startups such as CreatorsAGI are poised to make significant strides within this expanding market landscape.

In conclusion, the rise of generative AI technologies continues to reshape industries with companies like CreatorsAGI spearheading innovation in customizable conversational AI solutions tailored for content creators seeking authentic interactions.


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