Published on May 21, 2024, 12:05 pm

The Community of Madrid, in collaboration with Microsoft, aims to modernize public services, enhance personalized citizen support, and optimize administrative processes through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The agreement between Miguel López-Valverde, the Digitalization Counselor of the regional government, and Alberto Granados, the President of Microsoft Spain, focuses on defining use cases for Generative AI in administration. These AI projects fall within the scope of actions outlined by the newly established Technical Office for Driving Artificial Intelligence in the Community of Madrid, with Microsoft being its primary strategic partner.

López-Valverde emphasized that this agreement is a significant step towards digitalization and transformation within the Community of Madrid. It sets the foundation for collaborative knowledge exchange aimed at modernizing processes, citizen services, boosting economic activity, and supporting local businesses through cutting-edge technological initiatives.

As a strategic partner to the AI Drive Office, Granados highlighted Microsoft’s commitment to leveraging its expertise in developing AI solutions for public administration while adhering to ethical standards and responsible practices. Together with Madrid’s community, they will explore innovative initiatives based on their principles of responsible AI to deliver high-quality public services.

Following this partnership announcement, both parties are actively engaged in utilizing Generative AI technologies within various fields. In healthcare, for instance, these technologies are assisting doctors in diagnosing rare diseases. Additionally, a conversational assistant based on Generative AI is being developed to provide Madrileño citizens information on administrative procedures. Furthermore, solutions incorporating AI are being implemented to enhance services across different sectors.

To assess usage scenarios and the impact of Generative AI on administrative process optimization, the Community of Madrid has initiated a project deploying Generative AI tools (such as Copilot for Microsoft 365) among its staff members. This endeavor underscores their commitment to integrating advanced technologies for improved efficiency and service delivery.

In conclusion,in this penetrating effort spearheaded by innovative technology applications represents a fundamental leap towards a more efficient and citizen-centric governance structure through harnessing Artificial Intelligence capabilities effectively.


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