Published on July 4, 2024, 10:17 am

Title: “China Leads Global Patent Filings In Generative Artificial Intelligence (Genai) – Unlocking Innovation Trends Worldwide”

China leads global patent filings in Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), with over 38,000 patents filed between 2014 and 2023. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), there has been an exponential increase of eightfold in international patent filings for GenAI innovations over the past six years. This surge indicates a rapid pace of innovation in the GenAI sector, with a total of 54,000 patents filed worldwide by 2023.

GenAI technology encompasses a broad range of applications, such as generating text, images, music, and computer code that power various consumer and industrial products across diverse industries like life sciences, manufacturing, transportation, and telecommunications. Chinese inventors have notably dominated the GenAI patent landscape compared to other leading countries like the United States, Republic of Korea, Japan, and India.

Major Chinese technology firms and research institutions like Tencent, Ping An Insurance, and Baidu have made significant contributions to GenAI development through substantial numbers of patent filings. The report also highlights a growing trend towards integrating GenAI with different data types like image, video, text, speech/music which showcases its versatility in applications from document management to autonomous driving technologies.

The WIPO report underscores the vital role of GenAI in various fields including drug development by aiding molecular design. It further discusses how GenAI can automate tasks like document management and publishing while expanding roles in retail assistance systems and customer service chatbots. Additionally, it facilitates product design innovation including applications for autonomous driving technologies within public transportation.

WIPO’s insights into global patent trends aim to provide stakeholders valuable data for navigating the evolving artificial intelligence innovation landscape. The Director General of WIPO expressed confidence that this report will empower innovators and researchers to navigate the dynamic world of generative AI effectively while putting human-centric values at its core.

The UN highlighted the potential of generative AI in accelerating future drug development processes through innovative molecule designs. Moreover, it could revolutionize document management tasks and play a pivotal role in expanding retail assistance systems along with enhancing customer service chatbot experiences. By analyzing patenting trends and data associated with GenAI advancements globally provides critical information shaping future developments benefiting society at large according to WIPO’s Director General Daren Tang.


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