Published on June 12, 2024, 8:29 pm

In a significant move towards enhancing road safety, the software firm Inrix has been chosen by the California Department of Transportation to implement a proof of concept for its generative artificial intelligence traffic software. This initiative marks California’s first technology contract award involving generative AI, aiming to bolster safety measures on the state’s roads.

The selected software, Inrix Compass, integrates real-time and historical traffic data from Inrix with statewide crash records and roadway inventories to evaluate risks and offer recommendations for various projects. By utilizing this technology, transportation officials in California will be empowered to forecast outcomes on all operational roads within the state, spanning from rural routes to bustling urban streets.

In addition to predicting potential risks across different roadway segments, users will have the ability to inquire about specific areas with identified risk factors. The system developed by Inrix is designed to detect irregular safety trends and suggest operational adjustments geared towards enhancing safety levels and alleviating traffic congestion.

This partnership stems from California’s call earlier this year for proposals on generative AI tools capable of fostering traffic reduction and ensuring enhanced safety for vulnerable road users like pedestrians, cyclists, and scooter riders. Following an initial report from November by California’s AI task force highlighting both the advantages and risks associated with generative AI, this collaboration signifies a significant step towards leveraging advanced technologies for public welfare.

Notably, numerous other states such as Louisiana, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, and Rhode Island already benefit from Inrix’s data analytics solutions to enhance road safety efforts and mitigate traffic challenges. This expansion highlights the increasing reliance on innovative technologies like generative AI across various regions to address contemporary transportation concerns effectively.


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