Published on May 10, 2024, 2:21 am

California Government Collaborates With Industry For Innovating Public Services Through Generative Ai Technology

California Government Partners with Companies to Develop Generative AI Tools for Public Services

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration recently revealed a groundbreaking initiative to introduce generative artificial intelligence tools into the state’s government operations. The collaboration involves partnering with five companies to create and trial generative AI tools aimed at enhancing public services.

Generative AI, a specialized branch of artificial intelligence, is capable of producing new content like text, audio, and images based on prompts. Notably, it powers ChatGPT, a writing tool developed by Microsoft-backed OpenAI. Anthropic, a San Francisco-based company supported by tech giants Google and Amazon, is another key player in the generative AI field.

The state envisions utilizing this technology to streamline customer service processes at state agencies and enhance areas such as traffic management and public safety. Initially, four government departments will experiment with these tools: The Department of Tax and Fee Administration, the California Department of Transportation, the Department of Public Health, and the Health and Human Services Department.

For example, one application involves deploying AI to assist in reducing customer call wait times by providing real-time access to essential information during calls handled by state agencies. Additionally, the technology could be leveraged to offer multilingual support for health and social service inquiries.

Although not yet accessible to the public, California plans to commence a six-month trial where state workers will internally evaluate the tools’ performance. Following successful testing outcomes, officials will consider wider deployment throughout various departments.

While concerns exist regarding potential impacts such as job displacement and privacy issues posed by generative AI technology, proponents highlight its efficiency-boosting capabilities within governmental operations. To mitigate risks effectively, ongoing testing and monitoring are deemed essential beyond initial trial phases.

As California pioneers the incorporation of generative AI into public service delivery, it signals a significant advancement towards leveraging cutting-edge technology for improved administrative processes while navigating associated challenges carefully.


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