Published on May 8, 2024, 6:21 am

Automic, the largest listed registry provider in Australia, boasts an advanced cloud-native platform that efficiently manages various services such as listed registry, funds management, employee share plans, and investor analytics. Beyond technology solutions, Automic also offers a suite of professional services covering areas like company secretarial duties, investor relations, media relations, and environmental and social governance.

In the realm of IT leadership, Automic’s group CIO Marcelo Dantas oversees technology operations spanning product engineering, service delivery, cybersecurity, and infrastructure management. Recognizing the complexity of their operations, Automic emphasizes the importance of collaborating with capable and like-minded partners.

Dantas reflects on lessons learned from past experiences in the industry advocating for building diverse tech teams to drive innovation; he underscores the significance of permitting controlled failure to foster value creation through shared skillsets within organizations.

Aligning with compatible partners who align culturally while possessing cutting-edge technological capabilities is now a key focus for Automic. The emphasis is not only on finding partners but on seamlessly integrating them within their ecosystem for maximum effectiveness.

Adapting to rapidly evolving technologies like generative AI presents one of the foremost challenges for modern-day CIOs according to Dantas. Staying competitive necessitates a continuous process of modernization to remain relevant in attracting young talent and maintaining existing employees who seek dynamic work environments.

Maintaining robust cybersecurity practices is underscored as foundational by Dantas. From securing data assets to emphasizing cybersecurity education among employees – both during onboarding and offboarding processes – ensuring data integrity remains a top priority for Automic Group.

With effective time management being critical during transitions like client migrations – where meticulous planning and problem-solving are vital – Automic highlights the necessity of repeatable processes to streamline operations efficiently under time constraints effectively.

Furthermore, understanding corporate strategy remains essential for enabling business growth through technology; fostering collaboration across departments ensures alignment with organizational objectives while catering to evolving client needs within an ever-changing business landscape.


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