Published on June 5, 2024, 8:03 am

Apple To Introduce New Ai Features In Ios 18 Through External Partnerships

Apple is set to introduce new AI features in iOS 18 and other Apple operating systems, offering it as an optional service for users who are cautious about this technology. The move aims to give users the choice to opt-in or steer clear of AI integration. According to reports from Bloomberg, Apple is finalizing a partnership with OpenAI to bring its ChatGPT technology into ‌iOS 18‌ and various Apple devices, with an expected announcement at WWDC next week.

Despite internal hesitance and concerns about reputational damage due to a “rogue chatbot,” Apple decided that offering cutting-edge technology was essential for consumers. By outsourcing the chatbot function, Apple can distance itself from potential controversies. Additionally, discussions with Google are ongoing regarding the incorporation of Gemini into Apple’s operating systems.

Apple’s shift towards external partnerships for advanced AI features stems from limitations faced in developing its own artificial intelligence capabilities. While Apple has been working on its large language model (LLM) for basic functions like voice memo transcriptions and photo editing, it recognized the advancements made by competitors such as Google and OpenAI in areas like chatbots.

In iOS 18, Apple’s LLM work is projected to enhance ‌Siri functionalities, allowing more control over individual app features directly through the virtual assistant. Plans include utilizing cloud servers for more sophisticated AI features beyond device capabilities, potentially leveraging OpenAI’s technology.

Looking ahead, Apple is exploring broader applications for LLMs beyond chatbots, intending to incorporate them into robotic devices currently under development. These devices include a table-top robotic arm with an iPad-like display and a mobile robot capable of assisting users with chores while following them around. Moreover, future AirPods may integrate cameras and additional AI functionalities as part of Apple’s forward-looking strategy.

In conclusion, by collaborating with industry leaders in AI technologies such as OpenAI and Google, Apple aims to deliver innovative features while advancing its own generative AI capabilities. The upcoming WWDC event holds promise for unveiling these developments alongside hints at future enhancements across various Apple products.


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