Published on June 11, 2024, 7:05 am

Alithya Group inc. recently unveiled its annual Manufacturing Trends report for 2024 from Montreal on June 11, 2024. The report, based on a survey involving more than 150 professionals in the manufacturing sector, sheds light on the industry’s embrace of new technologies to address various aspects such as supply chain management, quality control, cybersecurity, and sustainability.

In a statement by Russell Smith, Leader of Alithya’s Enterprise Solutions Business Group, he emphasized the pivotal role of technology in transforming the manufacturing landscape. He underscored the significance of incorporating AI technologies to bolster market positions and outlined how manufacturers are gearing up to adopt innovative practices for operational efficiency and staying competitive in a dynamic market.

Key takeaways from the Alithya Manufacturing Trends report include insights into technological investments where process automation emerges as a top priority for over 60 percent of manufacturers in 2024. Additionally, emphasis is placed on technologies like Microsoft Copilot, predictive analytics, and supply chain management to enhance efficiency and resilience across operations.

Manufacturers are keen on fortifying their supply chains by diversifying suppliers, leveraging technology solutions, and forming strategic alliances with key partners. Measures to bolster cybersecurity include employee training, network infrastructure upgrades with advanced security tools, collaboration with experts, and deploying multi-factor authentication protocols.

The integration of data analytics and AI within manufacturing processes holds promise for enhancing demand forecasting through machine learning technology, optimizing production efficiency using data analytics tools, exploring digital twins’ potentialities, predictive maintenance leveraging AI capabilities, and monitoring energy consumption through data analytics integration.

Bernard Dockrill, Alithya’s Chief Operating Officer highlighted that with almost 20 percent of Alithya’s business linked to the manufacturing sector; insights from the Manufacturing Trends report are invaluable for aligning services to meet client objectives proactively. As manufacturers embark on investing in emerging technologies to maintain competitiveness amid evolving business landscapes, Alithya stands ready to support their journey towards digital transformation effectively.

To access further details from the Alithya Manufacturing Trends report mentioned above in this article visit: [Alithya Manufacturing Survey Report – 2024](

About Alithya:

Alithya operates as a trusted advisor providing strategy and digital technology services globally with a dedicated workforce fueled by passion and expertise. Their commitment revolves around developing tailored IT solutions aimed at tackling complex business challenges while steering clients through their digital evolution journeys effectively. By fostering collaboration underpinned by strategic consulting paradigms encompassing enterprise transformation and business enablement pillars while consciously steering clear of industry jargon or buzzwords ensures transparent dialogues that resonate authentically with clients.

Alithya’s commitments extend towards gender parity certifications achieved in Canada and the United States along with pursuits toward indigenous relations and carbon-neutral certifications highlighting their conscientious approach towards ethical conduct while delivering sustainable outcomes meticulously aligned with global standards.


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