Published on June 27, 2024, 9:16 am

Title: Alibaba Group Collaborates With Chinese Ai Start-Ups To Boost Ai Capabilities On Dingtalk

Alibaba Group Holding is collaborating with six Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) start-ups to enhance generative AI capabilities on DingTalk, the popular workplace messaging platform. This move aims to solidify Alibaba’s position in the competitive market by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology.

The Hangzhou-based e-commerce and cloud computing behemoth has developed its own AI model, Tongyi Qianwen, and is teaming up with MiniMax, Moonshot AI, Orionstar, Baichuan, Zhipu Ai, and 01.AI to introduce new AI functionalities to DingTalk. This strategic partnership underscores Alibaba’s commitment to integrating AI into its business strategy and catering to a broader base of enterprise clients through DingTalk.

With over 700 million users by the end of 2023, including 25 million organizations ranging from corporations to educational institutions, DingTalk serves as a pivotal platform for these start-ups to reach a vast user base swiftly. The collaboration with Alibaba provides these AI start-ups with a unique opportunity to showcase their innovations within China’s largest workplace communication tool.

Among the selected partners is OrionStar, known for launching the impressive medium-scale model Orion-14B in January. By combining their expertise, these companies aim to offer diverse solutions tailored to specific industries and client needs. For instance, Moonshot AI is working with DingTalk to apply long-text processing and generative capabilities in educational settings.

Furthermore, DingTalk’s endeavor includes enhancing its AI agent feature introduced earlier this year to streamline workflow processes for users. Notably, around 500,000 customized AI agents were created on DingTalk by May-end. Tongyi Qianwen will continue supporting various features on DingTalk such as instant messaging and document processing.

DingTalk remains dedicated to innovation by integrating advanced AI functionalities that allow users to compose articles based on text prompts or receive summaries of group chat conversations seamlessly. The platform boasts an extensive ecosystem comprising over 5,600 partners involved in developing AI models and solutions.

As China vigorously competes with global leaders in the AI sector, Alibaba’s strategic collaborations with emerging GenAI players are poised to drive advancements in workplace communication tools powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology.


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