Published on May 30, 2024, 9:00 pm

The Spanish multinational technology company, Aggity, is strengthening its global offering in line with the sustainability strategy it champions. Led by executive president Óscar Pierre in Spain, the company has signed an agreement with the engineering and technology group Sener. This collaboration will see Aggity commercialize its Energy Monitoring System (EmS) solution in projects aimed at improving energy efficiency and decarbonization within the industrial sector. The industrial sector is driven to meet the goals set by the European Green Deal to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

Through this partnership, Aggity adds EmS to its portfolio of solutions and services for the industrial sector. Their Sustainable Industry 4.0 platform, Smart Factory, integrates energy management with manufacturing processes. Developed by specialist engineers at Sener, the EmS platform enables energy monitoring and management in industrial plants. Operating on a cloud-based model, it consolidates data from energy measurement equipment on factory floors, SCADA and MES systems, production planning systems, presenting it comprehensively for access from any device.

The collected information, including historical data, can be visualized temporally and spatially and is displayed on dashboards linking energy metrics with production data to create reports, establish alarms, comparisons, and predictions. This solution has shown over 20% average energy savings when implemented not only in industry but also in other sectors like airports, hotels, or hospitals.

This agreement further solidifies the collaboration between both parties for over a year now and positions EmS as a vital component of Aggity’s Sustainable Industry 4.0 offering that integrates energy management across the production cycle. Under this vision, energy becomes a key aspect within various solutions under Smart Factory by Aggity including PlanetTogether software for advanced planning & scheduling (APS), MES system (Manufacturing Execution System), and AI & Analytics Factory for advanced analytics.

Moreover, this solution aligns within Sener’s initiative to drive industrial companies towards sustainable business models emphasizing decarbonization efficiency and competitiveness through consultancy services, engineering expertise advanced algorithms digital solutions fostering technological agnosticism and multidisciplinary approaches.


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