Published on April 17, 2024, 9:23 am

IT operations personnel constantly face challenges when incidents occur, especially those that bring down critical systems. Despite utilizing playbooks and conducting post mortems, not every issue has a straightforward solution due to the vast amount of data and numerous points of failure. This is where generative AI steps in to offer a solution.

BigPanda, an AIOps startup, recently introduced its latest tool named Biggy, a generative AI tool aimed at addressing IT-related issues promptly. Biggy analyzes extensive IT data to understand the company’s operational procedures, compares scenarios, and recommends potential solutions based on learned patterns.

With a foundation in AI dating back to its inception, BigPanda strategically developed separate systems for data processing and AI applications. This foresight proved beneficial for their transition towards generative AI using large language models like the Gen AI. By leveraging data effectively, BigPanda can provide tailored responses to IT-related concerns.

One of the distinctive features of Biggy is its prompt box interface that allows users to interact with the AI bot by asking questions. Trained on both internal and publicly available data sources specific to hardware and software issues, this tool excels in addressing routine IT problems efficiently.

By ingesting operational data from various sources such as observability metrics and human interactions, BigPanda normalizes this information into key-value pairs or tags for effective problem-solving. While acknowledging that generative AI isn’t flawless, they guide users by indicating the level of certainty in each response.

In scenarios where there is higher confidence in the answer provided by Biggy, automated actions may be triggered through platforms like Red Hat Ansible without human intervention. This dynamic approach streamlines troubleshooting processes within IT environments.

Although customer data ingestion might pose initial challenges, employing an AI assistant like Biggy represents a leap forward in enhancing efficiency during system troubleshooting practices. While acknowledging the limitations inherent in all forms of AI systems, having an interactive tool like Biggy signifies progress toward expediting issue resolution compared to traditional manual methods.

BigPanda’s recent accomplishment reflects their commitment to advancing AI capabilities following an infusion of $190 million in fresh funding.


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