Published on April 23, 2024, 9:49 am

Title: “Adobe Unveils Groundbreaking Ai Tools In Photoshop For Creative Professionals”

Adobe, a leader in digital media and marketing software, has unveiled new generative artificial intelligence tools for its Photoshop image-editing software. This advancement marks a significant milestone in the realm of Gen AI for creative professionals. The announcement was made at Adobe’s Max London conference, where the company introduced innovative features for Photoshop that push the boundaries of creativity.

Among the key highlights are tools that can generate similar images from a photo and create photo backgrounds using text commands. Additionally, Adobe showcased its ability to craft intricate and detailed images from minimal prompts. These cutting-edge AI tools are powered by the Adobe Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model and are currently available for beta testing. They are expected to be widely accessible later this year.

Ashley Still, the senior vice president of the Creative Product Group at Adobe, expressed excitement about the update to Photoshop, emphasizing how it elevates creativity to unparalleled levels for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to the platform. The introduction of Firefly-powered features aims to bridge the gap between ideation and creation, making image editing more robust and user-friendly for individuals to bring their creative visions to life.

Since the launch of Firefly in March 2023, users have leveraged this technology to generate over 7 billion images. This recent unveiling follows Adobe’s preview of generative AI enhancements for its Adobe Premiere Pro video-editing software announced just a week prior. The upcoming tools for Premiere Pro will empower creative professionals to seamlessly remove objects from scenes, extend shots, and more.

Looking ahead, Adobe is also working on a video model for Firefly that will enable users to generate videos through simple text commands. Moreover, there are plans to incorporate third-party generative AI video models from OpenAI, Pika Labs, and Runway directly into Premiere Pro.

Despite fluctuations in its stock performance, with ADBE stock up 77% in 2023 but down approximately 22% year-to-date in 2024, Adobe continues to drive innovations in AI across its suite of creative software products. These advancements signal a promising trajectory towards empowering users with enhanced creative capabilities facilitated by artificial intelligence technologies.


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