Published on February 21, 2024, 8:12 am

Title: “Adobe Introduces Ai Assistant In Acrobat And Reader To Enhance Pdf User Experience”

Adobe has recently introduced its own AI Assistant powered by generative AI in Acrobat and Reader. This new feature, currently in beta testing, aims to offer users summaries, answers to questions, and assistance with formatting information for sharing via email within the popular PDF apps. Despite the prevalence of word processing applications, PDFs remain crucial for document security. Adobe estimates that there are three trillion PDFs in circulation globally, emphasizing the widespread impact of its generative AI initiative.

The AI Assistant within Reader and Acrobat will leverage the same AI and ML models used in Acrobat Liquid Mode, which optimizes PDF layouts for smaller screens. In addition to creating summaries, this tool will provide users with intelligent citations to authenticate the chatbot’s responses and clickable links for easy navigation through lengthy PDF documents. Adobe assures customers that their data will not be stored or utilized for training purposes without consent.

According to Abhigyan Modi, SVP for Document Cloud at Adobe, generative AI has the potential to enhance document experiences by converting information within PDFs into actionable content that is both informative and polished. Currently available for free as part of Acrobat Standard and Acrobat Pro subscriptions for individual and team users, the beta version initially supports English language with plans for additional language support in the future. Once officially released, Adobe will introduce a subscription fee for the AI Assistant add-on.

Future updates are expected to include enhanced features such as insights from multiple documents, editing capabilities, advanced formatting options, and improved collaboration tools. While TechRadar Pro has reached out to Adobe for pricing details regarding this upcoming subscription service, responses from the company are pending.

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