Published on December 2, 2023, 2:10 am

The Surge Of Malicious Bots: A Concerning Trend In Internet Traffic

In a concerning discovery by Arkose Labs, a fraud control platform, it has been revealed that approximately 73% of internet traffic to websites and apps analyzed between January and September 2023 can be attributed to malicious bots. This revelation raises serious concerns about the drain on valuable resources caused by these nefarious activities.

The third quarter of 2023 witnessed five primary categories of bad bot activities dominating the scene: account takeover, scraping, fake account creation, account management, and in-product abuse. The only notable change from the previous quarter was the substitution of in-product abuse for card testing. Among these categories, SMS toll fraud experienced the highest surge from one quarter to another, escalating by a staggering 2,141% in the third quarter.

Another significant increase was seen in attacks on customer support call centers, which rose by 160% during the same period. The most notable spike occurred in scraping activity, which jumped by 432% from the first quarter to the second quarter of 2023. This highlights the dynamic nature of these malicious activities.

Arkose Labs reported a 291% increase in intelligent bot attacks from Q1 to Q2. This surge is linked to the utilization of sophisticated techniques such as machine learning and AI that enable these bots to mimic human behavior with heightened adaptability. In instances where AI falls short, cybercriminals turn to human-operated fraud farms to carry out their attacks. Fraudulent operations are predominantly found in Brazil, India, Russia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

The rising trend in bad bot attacks indicates that cybercriminals find this mode of operation highly profitable. With the integration of efficient AI technology on the horizon, concerns are growing about the effectiveness of current defense mechanisms against these attacks. Just months ago we reported that Microsoft’s Bing Chat was recommending malware advertisements instead of filtering them out properly.

While malicious bots pose a significant concern, it’s essential to recognize that beneficial bots also exist and contribute positively to the online ecosystem. Many bots serve useful functions such as website indexing for search engines, handling basic customer service tasks, and managing social media experiences.

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In conclusion, while the prevalence of malicious bots remains a cause for concern due to their drain on resources and potential damage they can cause, it’s important to recognize that beneficial bots also play critical roles in supporting online activities. As technology continues to advance, it will be crucial to develop stronger defense mechanisms and stay vigilant against the ever-evolving tactics of cybercriminals.


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