Published on November 23, 2023, 7:30 am

The Skepticism Of It Professionals Towards Ai Tools: A Study By Solarwinds

A recent study conducted on IT professionals reveals that there is a prevalent negative sentiment towards AI tools. According to research from SolarWinds, less than half (44%) of IT professionals hold a positive view of artificial intelligence, and an even higher percentage (48%) advocate for stricter compliance and governance requirements. Additionally, 25% of participants believe that AI could potentially pose a threat to society beyond the workplace.

Despite the increasing adoption of AI technology, this study indicates that fewer than three in 10 (28%) IT professionals currently use AI in their work environments. However, an equal number are planning to adopt these tools in the near future. This data suggests that while AI is gaining traction, there is still skepticism among IT professionals.

Sascha Giese, a Tech Evangelist at SolarWinds, commented on the findings: “Given the hype surrounding AI trends, it may seem surprising that many IT professionals have a negative perception of AI tools.” This sentiment aligns with a separate study by Salesforce, which revealed that only 21% of companies have a clearly defined policy on AI. Furthermore, nearly 37% lack any form of AI policy.

Giese proposes the implementation of internal campaigns to enhance AI literacy within IT organizations. These campaigns would aim to educate employees about specific use cases and differentiate between different subsets of AI. The goal would be to channel the productivity benefits offered by AI into avenues for innovation.

While SolarWinds does not delve into specifics regarding the perceived threat felt by IT professionals, previous studies have suggested concerns over job security due to tools designed to boost productivity and outcomes. Giese concludes that properly regulated AI deployments can yield benefits for employees, customers, and the overall workforce.

Moving forward, SolarWinds emphasizes the need for increased transparency and collaborative discussions surrounding AI concerns at all levels within organizations. They promote open dialogue as a means of addressing potential apprehensions related to this evolving technology.

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In conclusion, this study sheds light on the prevailing negative sentiments held by IT professionals towards AI tools. It highlights the necessity for organizations to address concerns, establish clear policies, and foster an environment of open discussion to fully realize the potential benefits of AI in the workplace.


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