Published on November 8, 2023, 3:28 pm

The Rise Of Lazyapply: A Game-Changing Tool Or A Flood Of Low-Quality Job Applications?

Applying for a job has always been a frustrating task, and with the rise of online applications, the process has become even more challenging. Employers now face the overwhelming task of sifting through a vast number of applications. However, one software engineer named Julian Joseph decided to take a different approach to increase his chances of success.

According to Wired, Joseph employed a tool called LazyApply, which allowed him to submit 5,000 job applications with just a single click. Surprisingly, he managed to secure around 20 job interviews through this method. While this may seem like a significant achievement, it translates to a mere success rate of approximately half a percent.

It’s worth noting that Joseph also applied for several hundred jobs using traditional methods but only received around 20 interviews. He believes that the existence of tools like LazyApply indicates that there is something fundamentally flawed in the current job application process. “I see it as taking back some of the power that’s been ceded to the companies over the years,” Joseph told Wired.

On one hand, LazyApply sheds light on how tedious and cumbersome applying for jobs has become. Many companies require non-standardized forms and repetitive information submission, making the process monotonous and time-consuming. Moreover, employers are increasingly relying on automated tools themselves to help filter through numerous applicants, further complicating matters.

In essence, recruiters are using AI tools to screen applications that were submitted by applicants using other AI tools. This AI-assisted shotgun approach is far from ideal, as recruiters attest. The most effective way to find a job is still through referrals – personal connections and recommendations hold immense value in the hiring process.

Interestingly enough, Joseph did receive an offer for a contract job through LazyApply eventually. However, it’s important to note that his most significant career opportunities at Apple and the White House came about thanks to his pre-existing connections rather than through AI-based applications.

While some may see LazyApply as a practical solution to increase the likelihood of landing job interviews, others view it as a concerning sign of future AI tools flooding employers with low-quality applications. This flood could overshadow those who put effort and care into their applications.

Ultimately, the prevalence of AI-focused job application tools highlights the need to address the flaws in the hiring process. The way forward lies in finding a balance between efficiency and quality, ensuring that both candidates and employers benefit from a streamlined but fair selection procedure.


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