Published on November 23, 2023, 7:31 am

The Rise Of Generative Ai: Adoption, Benefits, And Challenges

Two-thirds (67%) of global businesses are now implementing generative AI in their workplace, according to a recent study conducted by O’Reilly, a technology and business training company. This study surveyed over 2,800 professionals in the technology industry, revealing that 38% of those using GenAI have adopted the technology within the past year.

Surprisingly, participants expressed more favorable opinions about generative AI than unfavorable ones, citing increased productivity as one of its many benefits. The figures indicate that over half (54%) of respondents believe that generative AI tools will enhance overall productivity. Furthermore, only 4% considered this technology to be a potential threat to their jobs.

Despite the clear advantages of generative AI, there are some factors hindering widespread adoption of AI tools in businesses. More than half of the surveyed businesses (53%) struggle to identify appropriate use cases for these tools. Nevertheless, several key areas are poised to benefit greatly from generative AI’s implementation. These include programming (77%), data analysis (70%), customer-facing applications (65%), and content generation for marketing purposes and other forms of copy.

While some businesses express concerns regarding legal issues, risk management, and compliance associated with generative AI implementation (38%), the study also highlights the ongoing challenge businesses face in finding skilled talent for AI-related roles. It appears that proficiency in AI programming, data analysis, and operations for AI/ML are increasingly desirable skills across industries – even for employees who are not directly involved in backend development activities.

As we look to the future, O’Reilly challenges previous studies that suggest AI may have reached its peak hype cycle. Instead, they propose that there is still substantial untapped potential within generative AI due to its continuously evolving models and applications. Mary Treseler, Chief Content Officer at O’Reilly emphasizes this point by stating: “We are far from reaching the peak of what generative AI can achieve, and organizations still have time to invest in the critical skills development required to be at the forefront of the AI revolution.”

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In conclusion, generative AI adoption is on the rise across businesses worldwide. The technology brings productivity benefits and is expected to revolutionize multiple areas such as programming, data analysis, customer-facing applications, and content generation. Although challenges like identifying appropriate use cases and finding skilled talent persist, there is still significant growth potential within generative AI as models and applications continue to evolve. Organizations are encouraged to invest in developing critical skills to stay at the forefront of this evolving field.


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