Published on January 12, 2024, 8:32 am

Employees are set to increase their reliance on AI assistants this year, particularly in the areas of writing and programming. Netskope, a leading technology company, predicts that tools designed specifically for these tasks will become more popular due to their integration into commonly used tool sets and their efficiency in performing specialized functions. Unlike general-purpose chatbots, these AI assistants are tailored for professional use and cannot be used for entertainment purposes, which removes potential barriers to adoption within the enterprise.

The trend of implementing centralized generative AI tools within organizations is expected to continue. For example, Procter & Gamble introduced chatPG to its employees last September with the aim of improving productivity and enhancing user experiences. Deloitte also recently announced the launch of an in-house generative AI platform for coding and researching. The company plans to roll out this platform to 100,000 employees within the next six months. Similarly, Walmart intends to expand access to generative AI by providing it to an additional 25,000 employees following the successful launch of its My Assistant tool in August.

As companies navigate changes in their workforce composition, remaining staff members are closely observing how departing workers are treated. This observation underscores the need for proper support and resources as employees carry on with their responsibilities. Additionally, not all large-scale technology investments amount to equal progress in reducing technical debt.

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In conclusion, the increased reliance on AI assistants for writing and programming tasks indicates a growing recognition of their value within enterprises. By integrating these specialized tools into commonly used workflows, businesses can enhance productivity and streamline operations. The expansion of generative AI platforms across different organizations demonstrates a clear trend towards leveraging AI technology for various tasks beyond mere data analysis or customer service applications.

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