Published on November 8, 2023, 10:45 pm

High-quality developer experience has become a critical priority in software delivery, with 58% of software engineering leaders reporting that developer experience is “very” or “extremely” critical to the C-suite at their organizations. According to a survey by Gartner, enhanced developer experience or productivity is cited as the top value factor for the adoption of several technologies and practices across the software development lifecycle.

The survey aims to help software engineering leaders see where their peers are finding real business returns and where they face significant deployment risks. It revealed that organizations recognize that a high-quality developer experience improves productivity and is critical to attracting and retaining software engineering talent.

Philip Walsh, Sr. principal of research at Gartner, stated that “organizations are recognizing that a high-quality developer experience improves productivity and is critical to attracting and retaining software engineering talent.” He emphasized that developer experience goes beyond coding, as several technologies seen as having the highest value focus on streamlining processes that involve handoffs and interrupt the flow of value delivery.

In addition to improving developer experience, reducing costs and delivering superior capabilities are among the numerous value factors driving software engineering technology adoption. However, high or unpredictable cost is the top risk factor cited by 68% of organizations surveyed. Walsh noted that economic headwinds and persistent challenges around hiring are colliding with the increasing centrality of software engineering to enterprises’ mission-critical priorities.

Talent availability is another common adoption risk factor, cited as the primary risk for 17% of software engineering technologies and practices assessed. To overcome this shortage, Gartner recommends that software engineering leaders focus on upskilling and reskilling existing employees and new hires. The goal is to develop each employee’s skills ahead of demand so they can serve a broader range of roles.

Despite concerns about cost, software engineering leaders are still investing in high-value platform technologies such as those used for managing APIs, integrations, and complex cloud environments. These platforms provide a stable and scalable environment for building and running applications. Organizations are also prioritizing technologies that can manage complex application architectures, with 67% of these technologies planned for deployment in 2023.

Philip Walsh stated that “software engineering teams’ workflows and technology needs are changing as organizations continue to shift to cloud-native, modular, and API-centric application architectures.” This shift highlights the importance of keeping up with evolving technologies to deliver superior capabilities to the business or customer.

In conclusion, a high-quality developer experience is crucial for software engineering teams. It improves productivity, attracts and retains talent, and drives business value. While cost concerns and talent shortages pose challenges, organizations are still investing in platform technologies and adopting new practices to meet the demands of modern software development. Investing in developer experience will ultimately benefit the entire organization’s success.

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