Published on November 18, 2023, 11:38 am

“The Creative And Limiting Nature Of Generative Ai: Creating Pokémon-Style Characters Based On Public Figures”

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to experiment with ChatGPT and its image generator DALL-E to create Pokémon-style characters based on President Joe Biden, former President Donald Trump, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The results were fascinating and highlighted both the creativity and limitations of generative AI.

For Joe Biden, I received a Pokémon called Democraflux. This Water/Psychic type character is known for its calm demeanor and strong sense of unity. With flowing blue robes and white hair, Democraflux has a presidential appearance. It possesses the power to create peaceful waves and uses psychic abilities to heal and soothe others. Its signature move, “Unity Aura,” brings opponents closer together, reducing aggression and promoting cooperation.

On the other hand, Donald Trump was transformed into a Pokémon named Trumpertantrum. This Fire/Normal type character reflects his fiery temperament and loud voice. With bright orange and gold plumage resembling flamboyant hair, Trumpertantrum exudes extravagance and boasts about its abilities. It can create fiery explosions with moves like “Trumpet Burst” and “Gold Rush,” temporarily increasing strength but making it unpredictable in battle.

Lastly, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Pokémon character is called Justicarion. As a Fighting/Flying type Pokémon, Justicarion embodies the spirit of advocacy and environmentalism associated with Kennedy Jr.’s career. Its majestic appearance resembles an eagle, representing freedom and commitment to protecting nature. Adorned with feathers in earthy tones and deep greens symbolizing its connection to the Earth and environmental causes, Justicarion fights vigorously against those who threaten the balance of its habitat.

While this exercise was entertaining, it’s important to recognize that there are inherent biases in generative AI models like ChatGPT/DALL-E. In this case, some notable aspects were missing or misrepresented in the generated characters. For example, Joe Biden’s defining characteristic, his age, was absent. Additionally, terms like “Unity Aura” may not fully capture the nuances of his career and statements.

Conversely, the Trumpertantrum character effectively captures some fundamental aspects of Donald Trump’s personality, showcasing both cleverness and playfulness. However, there may be a hint of dismissiveness in the depiction of the other two characters.

It is crucial to remember that generative AI systems like ChatGPT are far from perfect. They can produce incorrect or even hallucinatory responses. This exercise serves as a reminder to critically evaluate the premises and outputs generated by these systems.

In conclusion, while generative AI has shown tremendous potential for creative applications like generating Pokémon-style characters, it still requires careful consideration and review to avoid biases and inaccuracies. Whether we rely on machines or our own minds, it is essential to remain vigilant and question the results produced by these technologies.

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