Published on November 9, 2023, 5:46 am

Vietnam’s leading companies, Techcombank and Masan Group, have collaborated to develop the WINLife ecosystem, a platform that aims to provide seamless offline-to-online experiences for domestic consumers. This innovative ecosystem brings together the country’s top bank and leading retail giant to offer customers a range of essential financial and non-financial services on a single platform.

As part of the WINLife ecosystem launch, Masan Group has already opened 27 Win convenience stores across Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. By the end of the year, they plan to open around 80 to 100 more Win stores across the country. This expansion will enable them to reach a wider audience and offer their services through over 3,000 WinCommerce supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

The partnership between Techcombank and Masan Group aims to tap into Vietnam’s booming retail and consumer finance markets. With a young population that is both willing to spend and adaptable to multi-channel transaction methods as long as they are convenient, seamless, and secure, there is immense potential for growth in these sectors.

Industry experts predict that leading corporations with well-executed digital strategies and heavy investments in technology will dominate the market. Techcombank and Masan emerge as leading brands in this regard.

Jens Lottner, CEO of Techcombank, expressed his excitement about partnering with Masan Group to co-create the WINLife ecosystem. He believes that through this collaboration, they can make banking more accessible, convenient, and enjoyable for customers while moving closer towards their vision of “Changing banking, changing lives.”

One of the key features of the WINLife ecosystem is its cashless payment solutions. WIN member customers can make transactions without carrying cash or credit cards by using modern payment methods such as Pay by Push (one-touch payment via mobile phones) or QR Code through Techcombank Mobile. They will also be eligible for dual incentives from Masan Group and Techcombank, including up to a 20% discount on essential items at WIN stores and an unlimited extra 2% cashback.

New WIN members can enjoy a 50% discount, up to VND 50,000, on their first bill. Additionally, WIN members who open new accounts at Techcombank will receive a 50% discount, up to VND 100,000, on their first bill when using cashless payment via Techcombank QR code or Pay by Push at the store.

The WINLife ecosystem also provides Techcombank customers with simple and intuitive banking services at their fingertips. WIN customers can easily open accounts through Techcombank Mobile, deposit and withdraw money using Techcombank CDM deposit/withdrawal machines available at WIN stores, and experience hassle-free cashless payments through Techcombank Pay by Push/QR Code.

Techcombank’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences has helped them build and retain a large customer base of over 10.1 million by the end of the second quarter of 2022.

Meanwhile, Masan Group’s member companies and associates are leaders in various sectors such as branded fast-moving consumer goods, branded meat, modern retail, F&B retail, financial services, telecommunications, and value-add chemical processing. These industries represent segments of Vietnam’s economy that are undergoing transformative growth.

The collaboration between Techcombank and Masan Group in developing the WINLife ecosystem demonstrates their dedication to innovation and enhancing customer experiences. By leveraging technology and digital advancements in finance and retail sectors, they aim to shape the future of commerce in Vietnam.

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