Published on November 9, 2023, 3:37 am

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is extending its partnership with the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) Corporate Challenge, serving as the official mobile app provider for the event until 2026.

TCS has gone above and beyond to enhance the marathon experience for this year’s participants, catering to an expected crowd of 50,000. The company has developed a fully integrated platform that provides valuable insights and information about the marathon. With high functionality and excellent user experience at its core, the platform streamlines both active and passive participants’ entire marathon journey.

Runners can expect a range of features and conveniences within the app, including transportation booking to the marathon grounds, race day weather details, SOS assistance in emergencies, and real-time tracking of their progress during the run. TCS has crafted a fully immersive race experience that covers every aspect of runners’ journey before, during, and after the race – designed to motivate and support each participant.

Santoz Kumar, General Manager of Singapore at The IRONMAN Group, remarked on TCS’s involvement in the event: “TCS is synonymous with the world’s greatest marathons. This marks our seventh year collaborating with TCS on the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. Their continued support speaks volumes about the strength and status of this international event.” Kumar further emphasized how instrumental TCS’s contribution has been in enhancing participants’ race experience while also highlighting that this year’s TCS-designed SCSM2022 mobile application will play an integral role by providing essential tools such as live runner tracking and race-day information.

In addition to functional features, the app introduces an augmented reality (AR)-powered virtual experience. Runners can leverage AR medal filters, themed frames for photos, and video creation functionality to instantly share their racing experiences and victories. The goal is to foster a sense of community among participants by enabling them to connect virtually even when physically separated.

Girish Ramachandran, President of TCS Asia Pacific, expressed the company’s commitment to community and innovation: “At TCS, our driving force has always been to create products that allow communities to flourish while pushing the boundaries of innovation, health, and wellness.” Ramachandran highlighted the partnership with Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon as an opportunity to develop and upgrade tools like the race app, making the marathon experience seamless and accessible for participants and spectators alike.

The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon holds great cultural significance in Singapore. It brings together the community every December to celebrate health, fitness, and strength.

The Corporate Challenge within the marathon includes three categories: Total Distance by Corporate’s Finishers (divided into four tiers based on the number of registered runners from a company), Top Corporate Male (one male winner from each race category), and Top Corporate Female (one female winner from each race category).

TCS continues to pave the way for an immersive digital experience at the Singapore Marathon, supporting participants and providing cutting-edge technology solutions.


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