Published on November 16, 2023, 3:27 pm

Merchants understand the importance of providing the best customer experience possible. However, sometimes there are delays in deliveries or mistakes in orders, which require working with customer service to resolve the issues. To address these challenges, many merchants have turned to artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their customer service operations.

By incorporating AI into the customer service layer, merchants can leverage chatbots and other technologies to handle simpler inquiries. While chatbots have been effective in managing certain types of queries, they often follow a script and can lead to frustrating interactions before customers opt to speak with a human representative.

This is where Siena AI comes in. Co-founders Andrei Negrau and Lisa Popovici recognize that there is a need for an AI-powered customer service solution that combines the efficiency of a machine with the empathy of a human representative. With eight years of experience in the e-commerce space, particularly in developing software for Shopify merchants, they aimed to create a seamless automation tool through Siena.

Injecting AI into the customer service industry is not a new concept. Companies like Ada,, and Neuron7 have already made advancements in this area by improving customer service experiences for both businesses and customers alike.

However, what sets Siena apart from its competitors are three key features. First is Siena’s AI Personas feature which allows merchants to create different personalities that align with their brand’s unique voice and style across various channels such as social media and email. This ensures that businesses maintain their brand identity while benefiting from automated support.

Secondly, Siena has been designed to handle multiple tasks within the same interaction. For example, it can gather order data, request product photos, change shipping addresses, and even arrange for replacement products simultaneously.

Lastly, Siena incorporates CORE (cognitive reasoning-based engine), an intelligent technology that assists in finding optimal solutions for complex customer service problems. This enables more efficient problem-solving and enhances overall customer satisfaction.

Since its launch six months ago, Siena has already secured 65 customers, including well-known brands like Kitsch, Simple Modern, and Everyday Dose. The company’s revenue growth during this period is noteworthy, although specific details were not disclosed. Furthermore, Siena manages up to 80% of customer interactions across over 100 languages and various channels such as email, text messages, social media direct messages, and comments.

Siena has also attracted significant investment from notable firms such as Sierra Ventures, Pari Passu Ventures, Spacestation Investments, Village Global, The Council, and OpenSky Ventures. These investors recently contributed $4.7 million in seed funding to support Siena’s growth.

Moving forward, Negrau and Popovici plan to utilize the capital raised to hire additional talent and further develop their technology. Their vision is for Siena to become a fully autonomous agent for customers within the next 12 months. Additionally, Siena will be launching the Siena AI Academy- an educational hub designed to assist customers in seamlessly integrating AI into their customer service workflows.

In conclusion, leveraging AI technology can significantly optimize customer service outcomes for businesses. By incorporating AI-powered solutions like Siena into their operations, merchants can provide efficient and empathetic support to their customers while maintaining their brand identity. With promising growth and significant investor interest backing them up,
Siena is poised to make a meaningful impact in the customer service industry.


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