Published on October 26, 2023, 2:02 am

Samsung’S Galaxy S24 Series Rumored To Feature Generative Ai And Offline Functionality

  • The Galaxy S24 series from Samsung is rumored to launch in 2024 with generative AI features similar to ChatGPT. These features may work offline and online, but the specific language model is unknown. Samsung aims to highlight AI capabilities inspired by ChatGPT and Google Bard, including content generation based on keywords and improved speech-to-text functionality. The phones will run on Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Exynos 2400 processors, potentially outpacing the Pixel 8 models. Rumors suggest that some generative AI features may work offline, raising implications for user privacy. More information is expected as the release date approaches in January 2024.

The Galaxy S24 series is rumored to be launching in 2024, earlier than expected. Samsung aims to integrate generative AI features into these new smartphones, similar to ChatGPT. What makes this report particularly interesting is the possibility that buyers will have access to generative AI features that work both offline and online. It remains unclear which AI model Samsung will adopt for its devices, as it could either develop its own language model or utilize existing ones like ChatGPT, Google Bard, or Apple GPT.

During Google’s Pixel 8 event, the company showcased their focus on AI with early-stage demonstrations of personal AI experiences on Pixel phones. While Samsung currently relies on Google’s Android operating system, it seems unlikely that they would want to depend on Google’s AI for the Galaxy S24 series and other handsets. However, in the years to come, Google may aim to expand Bard and its AI search products across non-Pixel devices.

According to Sam Mobile, Samsung plans to highlight the AI capabilities of its Galaxy S24 lineup next year, emphasizing features inspired by ChatGPT and Google Bard. These features might include content generation based on a few given keywords. Samsung has also reportedly designed some of its own AI functionalities for images using text-to-image generative AI.

Additionally, speech-to-text functionality is said to receive improvements on the Galaxy S24 phones. Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant, could potentially behave more like a generative AI chatbot with enhanced human-like interactions.

The reported use of new chips in the Galaxy S24 series suggests it may outpace the performance of the Pixel 8 models. These smartphones will run on Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Exynos 2400 processors.

One significant claim made by Sam Mobile is that certain generative AI features on Samsung’s Galaxy S24 phones will work offline instead of relying on cloud processing. This development has potential implications for user privacy.

While these details are still rumors, it is worth noting that past Galaxy S leaks have often turned out to be accurate. As the release date approaches in January, we can expect more information about Samsung’s rival to ChatGPT.

In summary, the Galaxy S24 series from Samsung is expected to feature generative AI capabilities, with the possibility of offline functionality. The exact language model that Samsung will employ remains uncertain, but it is clear that Samsung aims to compete with industry leaders in this space. We look forward to learning more about the Galaxy S24 as it gets closer to its unveiling in January 2024.


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