Published on May 27, 2024, 2:44 pm

Generative AI Revolutionizing Media Industry

Artificial intelligence, especially Generative AI, is making significant waves in the media industry’s value chain. A recent study by Arthur D. Little conducted for Bertelsmann delves into the current landscape of experiments and offers a glimpse into the future possibilities.

From June to September 2023, Arthur D. Little analyzed over 200 instances of Generative AI usage across more than 60 tech companies, ranging from industry giants to specialized providers. Notable examples include ChatGPT for text generation and Midjourney for image creation.

The study scrutinized Generative AI applications in broadcasting, music, marketing, and publishing. Companies in various sectors are exploring how this technology can streamline workflows, produce fresh content, and introduce novel services.

Broadcasting, entertainment, and news sectors are at the forefront of incorporating AI applications to aid in scriptwriting, news production, image creation, and personalized storytelling. Post-production activities leverage Generative AI for tasks like voice cloning, effects generation, content summarization, and localization.

Key industry players such as Disney, Netflix, YouTube, Reuters, Fremantle alongside technology firms like OpenAI, Runway, Midjourney, and Synthesia are actively engaging with Generative AI tools according to the study.

In marketing realms as well as music industry applications like composing and marketing music show promising outcomes through Generative AI technologies. Universal Music has collaborated with the AI platform DAACI to explore music creation possibilities. However, caution remains a priority among music companies regarding responsibly managing technology implementation and copyrights.

While publishers are cautiously optimistic about utilizing AI for tasks like writing assistance or translation services; they remain primarily in an experimental phase according to ADL’s findings.

The United States is leading in providing Generative AI solutions with most initiatives relying on models from companies like OpenAI, Meta (formerly Facebook), Google, Anthropic Agnostic ML Group (AAGML), StabilityAI among others. Additionally, several media companies are venturing into training their custom Gen-AI models using proprietary data.

Looking ahead, potential advancements include personalized interactive media experiences such as videos books; however ethical considerations remain crucial alongside technological progress.

Generative AI is demonstrating immense potential across various media domains transforming traditional practices and paving the way for innovative content creation methods within the industry’s value chain.


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