Published on June 5, 2024, 6:06 pm

True Fit, a leading player in the fashion retail industry, has introduced a new groundbreaking solution termed Fit Hub. This innovative tool harnesses Generative AI (Gen AI) technology to streamline and consolidate all size and fit information essential for resolving online fit challenges faced by fashion retailers. By employing advanced statistical analysis, True Fit’s Fit Hub pulls together data from various sources such as personal recommendations, reviews, size charts, sales & returns statistics, and product details to enhance shoppers’ confidence and simplify their shopping experience.

Fit Hub serves as the latest addition to True Fit’s esteemed size and fit personalization platform. By leveraging Generative AI technology, this new feature on retailers’ websites aggregates crucial fit and size information into a single location on the product page. This consolidation empowers shoppers to make informed decisions with ease, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple sections of a product page to determine the appropriate size.

The utilization of Generative AI in Fit Hub marks a significant advancement compared to traditional methods that require consumers to scour through various features independently. The integration of Gen AI with True Fit’s Fashion Genome – drawing insights from 82 million shoppers and 29,000 brands – presents shoppers with comprehensive reviews, sales & returns data, size charts, and product specifics tailored for clothing and footwear in a user-friendly interface.

True Fit recognizes the importance of understanding individual preferences when it comes to sizing garments accurately. With the enhancement of its Fit Needs profile feature, shoppers can specify key areas for achieving an optimal fit based on their unique body proportions. This personalized data is then integrated into the deep size personalization process offered by True Fit, enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.

Several forward-thinking fashion retailers have swiftly adopted True Fit’s AI solutions to cater effectively to their online customer base. St. John stands out as one such luxury brand that has embraced Gen AI technology through True Fit’s collaboration to revolutionize its online luxury shopping experience.

In conclusion, True Fit’s introduction of Gen AI-driven innovations like Fit Hub not only simplifies the selection process for consumers but also assists retailers in reducing return rates significantly while enhancing overall customer satisfaction levels. This move underscores True Fit’s commitment towards revolutionizing how individuals shop for apparel and shoes online by providing them with confidence-boosting tools powered by Artificial Intelligence technologies.


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