Published on March 12, 2024, 3:29 pm

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the traditional titles and roles within the industry are being challenged and redefined. Tim Wenhold and Marc Sule, for instance, are among those leading the charge towards modernizing IT leadership positions.

At Power Home Remodeling, a company at the forefront of innovation in exterior home remodeling, Tim Wenhold serves as both Chief Operating Officer and Chief Innovation Officer. He believes that the time has come to move beyond the outdated Chief Information Officer (CIO) title and instead embrace a new role that truly reflects the intertwining of technology with business operations.

For Power Home Remodeling, which operates without a conventional IT department, the decision not to use the title CIO was deliberate. As Wenhold’s responsibilities expanded to encompass both technology and business aspects, he initiated a search for a Chief Business Technology Officer (CBTO) to fill this gap.

Marc Sule stepped into this newly established CBTO role at Power Home Remodeling after notably serving as CIO at alphabroder. His task involves overseeing 24 focused development teams collaborating closely with various business units within the company.

The shift towards titles like CBTO reflects a broader trend where top technology executives are aligning themselves more closely with business objectives. This change goes hand in hand with an evolving understanding of technology’s integral role in driving organizational success.

Dan Roberts, an industry expert, points out that forward-thinking tech leaders are emphasizing a mindset where they view themselves first as business professionals and then as technologists. This approach fosters stronger connections between technology initiatives and overall business strategies.

While some experts argue for retaining traditional titles like CIO, others advocate for embracing new designations that better capture the multifaceted nature of modern technology leadership roles. The ongoing debate highlights the importance of adapting to shifting paradigms within the tech industry.

Ultimately, as companies continue to navigate digital transformation and technological advancements, leaders like Tim Wenhold and Marc Sule are spearheading efforts to reshape not only titles but also mindsets surrounding IT leadership positions. Embracing innovative roles such as CBTO signifies a step towards more integrated and impactful technological strategies within organizations.


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