Published on November 8, 2023, 4:09 pm

Chris DeWolfe and Aber Whitcomb, the masterminds behind Myspace and Jam City, have always stayed ahead of the game when it comes to tech trends. Their latest venture, Plai Labs, has set its sights on the web3 and generative AI revolution. Backed by a16z, this social platform development startup is dedicated to providing AI tools for consumers to connect and collaborate.

Today, Plai Labs announced the launch of its free text-to-video generator called PlaiDay. Joining a slew of other generative AI video tools like Google’s Imagen and Meta’s Make-A-Video, PlaiDay stands out thanks to its unique feature: the ability to personalize videos using selfies. Now you can watch an animated version of yourself flying over the Grand Canyon or taking on intergalactic enemies.

To create your personalized video, simply upload a selfie and type a few words. The generated short-form video can be easily shared with friends and followers. While the current duration of videos is limited to three seconds, Plai Labs plans to expand this in the future. The company is also working on adding audio capabilities for an enhanced user experience.

PlaiDay impresses with its ability to convey realistic facial expressions as well as smooth background movements. However, there are cases where results fall short—such as when a user’s facial hair seems to fade into their skin due to inconsistencies in their uploaded selfie. To avoid these discrepancies, users are advised to include specific prompts like “close-up” or “portrait of” for more detailed faces.

Despite its limitations, PlaiDay demonstrates great potential in the realm of AI-generated videos. While cinematic quality videos may still be far off, current offerings show promise and leave us excited for what’s to come from Plai Labs.

If you’re curious about trying out this personalized text-to-video generator yourself, head over to the PlaiDay Discord channel. The generator will soon be available on PlaiDay, a free app currently in its alpha stage. Aside from the text-to-video tool, PlaiDay also offers other fun features like inserting yourself into TikTok videos, text-to-image conversion, image restyling, and a text generator for captions.

Plai Labs co-founder and chief architect Jim Benedetto envisions this as just the beginning of what he sees as the future of storytelling. He believes that truly immersive storytelling can only be achieved when individuals are able to put themselves into AI-generated videos and tell their own stories.

The text-to-video generator is built upon Plai Labs’ AI platform, internally known as Orchestra. This platform utilizes a combination of in-house and open-source models to create its products. The team behind Orchestra describes it as “a flexible set of tools” that can enhance various industries by allowing both technical and non-technical individuals to create and deploy new AI applications quickly and efficiently.

Plai Labs aims to empower designers and product managers by enabling them to create AI capabilities without relying on engineers. By doing so, they hope to streamline the process, making it accessible to anyone with a vision rather than requiring a team of experts.

Whitcomb emphasizes that the potential uses for their AI platform extend beyond generative art. In the future, it could assist with marketing campaigns, security monitoring, analytics, and more. The platform’s flexibility allows for endless possibilities in the world of AI.

While details about the AI platform have yet to be fully disclosed or named, it is already generating excitement among tech enthusiasts. Chris DeWolfe’s gaming startup is defying 2023 trends with a recently secured seed funding round totaling $32 million.

As Plai Labs continues to develop its innovative products and expand its offerings in the AI space, we can expect even greater advancements in harnessing artificial intelligence for creative pursuits across various industries.


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