Published on November 8, 2023, 4:04 pm

Ozone, a company specializing in an AI-powered collaborative video editor in the cloud, has recently secured $7.1 million in seed funding and is ready to launch its open beta version. As a graduate of the Y Combinator program, Ozone aims to revolutionize the editing process by providing content creators with AI assistance that can effortlessly handle repetitive editing tasks within seconds instead of hours. The goal is not to replace human creativity but to empower creators with tools that enable them to produce engaging videos more efficiently.

Established in 2021 by Max von Wolff, Ozone offers a user-friendly video editor integrated with an AI assistant designed in-house. This assistant suggests actions for editors to take during the editing process. Furthermore, the software provides various features such as video editing capabilities, unlimited cloud storage, and real-time collaboration akin to Figma.

“When I was studying computer science at MIT,” explained von Wolff in an interview with TechCrunch, “I became fascinated by the pursuit of creativity. Taking a class on cloud computing opened my eyes to building cloud-based creativity software that allows people to reach the pinnacle of their creative potential.” Despite being a sophomore and international student at MIT, von Wolff made the decision to drop out and participate in the Y Combinator program. Thus, Ozone was born—a collaborative and AI-powered video editor accessible directly from your web browser.

The nine-member team at Ozone consists of engineers, designers, and a product manager who have experience working for renowned companies like Adobe,, InVision, and Disney.

With Ozone’s capabilities, users can upload their footage and apply various AI functionalities with a simple click of a button—tasks that would otherwise require significant time if done manually. For example, if you upload a video where you are speaking but want to remove silences or instances where you say “um” or “uh”, Ozone can quickly generate cuts on your behalf.

Initially, Ozone is targeting content marketers and creators who specialize in short-form content for platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. However, the company plans to expand its offerings to cater to creators working on longer content formats like documentaries and films as it incorporates more advanced editing capabilities over time.

While Ozone offers professional-grade editing features comparable to those found in Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, the key distinction lies in Ozone’s user-friendly approach and seamless collaboration options. Traditional software solutions often prove difficult to navigate and lack collaboration features—a pain point that Ozone seeks to address.

Looking ahead, once Ozone’s public launch takes place, the company plans to adopt a freemium business model. Individual Pro users will have access to the software at a monthly subscription fee of $29, while enterprises can expect custom pricing based on their specific needs. The funding secured by Ozone will be mainly allocated towards expanding the platform’s capabilities. This includes the introduction of additional AI functionality over the next few months.

The funding round garnered support from several notable investors including Y Combinator, NEA, General Catalyst, LGVP, Bluewatch Ventures, Polymath Capital Partners, Pioneer Fund, SOMA Capital, Olive Tree Capital, and founders from renowned companies like Dropbox, Tinder, and Lightricks.

Looking forward to what lies ahead for Ozone in the next decade; von Wolff added: “I believe we are just scratching the surface of our potential market here at Ozone. We will continue adding features to our platform so that we can serve a wider range of industries and use cases. In terms of AI advancements within our platform, I foresee further developments within one or two years that will take us another step closer to enabling people to bring their creative vision to life faster without compromising quality.”


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